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Ethan Allen HR Services offers standard and customized HR Trainings to all clients and non-clients. The purpose of an HR Training is to keep your employees informed and updated on company and industry best practices as well as to provide career development opportunities for your staff. Conducting HR Training on critical topics such as Anti-Harassment and Discrimination or Diversity Awareness, can protect your organization and prevent employee relations issues.

Two standard facilitated courses per year and unlimited online courses are included in the services offered to Ethan Allen HR Services clients. Non-clients can access this training at a nominal fee.

Instead of simply reviewing HR policies for compliance with federal and state law, use the HR trainings to strengthen your organization, identify best practices, and be one step ahead of other companies. Ask your employees about their career development needs and desires. We can help grow a job into a career!


How It Works:

  • Pick a topic from this sheet, or any other human resources topic
  • Contact us to discuss your needs
  • Set a date, time and location for the training event (core trainings usually require 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete but can be longer if desired)
  •  Hold your event
  • Collect signed training acknowledgment forms (provided) to be kept in your personnel files


We can also be engaged to work with your company on a regular basis to cover additional topics as part of a career development or company compliance plan and/or to address Human Resource situations and issues as they develop.

Recommended Trainings

The following sessions are recommended to educate your employees and prevent human resource issues and to demonstrate your company commitment to a respectful, well-run organization. Ethan Allen HR Services clients are entitled to two on-site facilitated standard, one hour topics per year and unlimited access to our catalog of over 200 on-line courses at no cost. Additional, customized on-site trainings are available at a nominal fee. Non-clients also can request on-site, standard or customized trainings and our on-line courses. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Recommended Core Courses:

For Managers:

  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination: the respectful workplace
  • Performance Management for Managers: conducting performance evaluations and beyond
  • Management Essentials: difficult conversations, performance coaching and progressive discipline
  • Interviewing Skills for Hiring Managers: finding and hiring the right candidate
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Crisis Management: preparing to respond to crisis
  • Diversity Awareness: increasing your cultural competency
  • Employee Handbook Essentials: what essential policies your handbook should contain


For Individual Contributors (those who do not manage other employees):

  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination: the respectful workplace
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Crisis Management: preparing to respond to crisis
  • Diversity Awareness: increasing your cultural competency


Elective Topics: (customized courses on virtually any human resources topic are also available)

  • Setting Individual Goals (Individual Contributor)
  • Working in Teams (Individual Contributor)
  • Leading Teams (Manager)
  • Time Management (Individual Contributor and Managers)
  • Stress Management (Individual Contributor and Managers)
  • Bullying in the Workplace (Individual Contributor and Managers)
  • Dealing with Substance Abuse (Manager)
  • Attendance Tracking (Manager)
  • Personnel Folders and Document Retention Guidelines (Manager)
  • Presentation Skills (Individual Contributor and Managers)
  • Business Communications (Individual Contributor and Managers)


For more information, or to schedule a training course, contact Jane Sterling, 845-471-1200.