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Sure, no one’s boss is perfect. But some are so spectacularly bad they’ll make you happy to deal with your own flawed leader.

Reader’s Digest had employees share the most ridiculous and strangest interactions they’ve had with their bosses. Here are the best ones:

  1. The Penny Pincher. In an effort to save some money (or maybe the environment), one boss was caught digging used paper cups out of the trash can and putting them back near the water cooler. Some still had lipstick on them.
  2. The Day Drinker. Someone’s boss informed her she was receiving a promotion and a raise. The next day, when she mentioned it, the boss told her she wasn’t really getting promoted. His reason? “You know better than to take me seriously in the afternoon — I’m always drunk then.”
  3. The Convoluted Communicator. One employee’s boss texted them, urging them to check their email. Upon opening the email, the employee found a two word message: Call me.
  4. The Saying Scrambler. This boss could never quite get his phrases right. Some of his greatest hits: “The Greek pyramids weren’t built in a day,” “It’s not rocket surgery,” “It’s all smoke and windows” and “Nothing is nailed in stone.”
  5. The Computer Crusher. One boss had some kind of meltdown at work and hurled a computer out of the 50th story window. Later that day, he was removed from the office in a straight jacket, but returned to work about a month after the incident.
  6. The Determined Driver. Someone’s boss didn’t want to deal with the hassle of city parking, so he tried to park his car in the building. His car initially fit through the doors, but as he backed into the office, the side mirrors were too big to squeeze through. After an hour of moving desks and trying to assist the boss in parking his car inside, everyone was forced to abandon the mission.
  7. The Forgetful Firer. An employee showed up on her first day of work to find someone in the office that was supposed to be hers. Confused, she looked for her boss, but she was out of town. Turns out, the boss had forgotten to fire the person this employee was replacing before she left.
  8. The Systems Sultan. Then there’s the boss who knows everything there is to know about computer systems, except how to use them. Supervisors who flash cutting-edge, high-tech gear—like tablets, and wearable tech—are perceived to be better leaders, but only if they know what they are doing.