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The purpose of an HR Audit is to take a look at your HR function at a moment in time and be able to assess the level of legal compliance and effectiveness of your company’s processes and procedures. You can take our findings and recommendations and use them to make necessary changes internally, you can hire us to assist you or you can hire anyone else of your choosing to assist you.

Whether you’re conducting an HR audit for due diligence purposes in a merger or acquisition or simply conducting an annual or quarterly review of your HR practices, our audit will review all aspects of your current HR policies and practices in order to ensure compliance under current Federal and State labor laws.

In the Final Audit report, you will find:
• An Executive Summary of Our Findings
• Our Audit Observations and Recommendations
• Recommended Action Plan

We can also be engaged to work with the company on a longer term basis to respond to the Recommended Action Plan and/or Human Resource situations and issues as they develop.

For more information contact Ed Kowalski, Human Resources Director, at 845.471.1200