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The Case for Partnering with a PEO


  There’s a reason your job gets you out of bed in the morning, and it’s not the paperwork and other back-office tasks. As a business owner and leader, you’re driven to grow your revenue, improve your product or service, and collaborate with other talented people. And yet, those administrative tasks are calling your name […]


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Free Training Presentation: Proper Job Classification for Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance


Registration is now closed as this presentation has passed. If you are interested in getting more information on this topic, please call our office or email Jane Sterling. Finding talent and hiring a new employee is challenging enough, but are you aware of the paperwork and compliance that comes with each position? Whether you’re a new […]


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50% of Employees Leave Because of Their Managers: 3 Things That’ll Get Them To Stay


  Fewer than one-third of employees in the U.S. are engaged in their work, and a recent study links that low number directly to managers. Gallup’s latest study surveyed over 7,000 employees to examine how their managers’ behavior impacts engagement, and ultimately, whether or not workers jump ship. The study found that bad managers have […]


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Do’s and Don’ts of Documentation


  As many of you know, proper documentation is critical in almost every aspect of managing your employees. In litigation, documentation can mean the difference between a defense verdict and a multimillion-dollar jury award. But don’t document just to document—poor documentation is often worse than no documentation at all. Instead, document with purpose. Here are […]


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DOL’s Latest Move Makes it Easier For You to Offer Unpaid Internships


  Good news: The feds just gave employers more incentive to offer internship programs. In a new Field Assistance Bulletin by its Wage-and-Hour Division, the DOL announced it’ll be dropping the more-comprehensive “six-factor test” for determining whether an intern qualifies as an employee entitled to at least minimum wage and overtime payments under the FLSA. […]


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Job Descriptions: Worth Doing or a Tedious Waste of Time?


  Job descriptions—usually seen as just another task on the to-do list for HR professionals—are generally an underused resource. But you can rely on them for a variety of reasons, including recruiting, performance reviews, reasonable accommodations, and employee classification. The often overlooked process of writing job descriptions, if done correctly, can prove to be a […]


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